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Motion Picture Licensing Corporation was founded in 1986 shortly after the videocassette made it possible for consumers to watch their favorite movies at home. Soon, people were showing videocassettes in public without realizing that they were engaging in copyright infringement.


The idea behind the Umbrella License was twofold: provide consumers with an affordable way to watch movies in public and pay royalties to the artists and rights holders responsible for the content we love to watch.


As technology evolved so did the Umbrella License. Today, licensees publicly perform movies, TV, and other audiovisual content from a variety of sources like broadcast, cable, or satellite television, DVD, Blu-ray, download, or streaming services, all with the assurance of copyright compliance.


With decades of experience, MPLC is the world leader in public performance licensing, ensuring legal exhibitions of audiovisual content on six continents.


MPLC works closely with a variety of institutions, associations, and antipiracy groups to educate people about copyright and promote the intellectual property rights of the creative community.


We license hundreds of thousands of locations worldwide, including, but not limited to, nonprofit organizations, corporations, and government. Let us help you enjoy legal peace of mind.


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