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Did you know that you need a public performance license to show movies, television, and other audiovisual works in public? Copyright laws around the world give content creators control over how their works are displayed.


Founded in 1986, MPLC provides copyright compliance solutions that allow businesses, governmental departments, and other organizations to show content in public simply and affordably. The goal of copyright law is to protect creativity. To that end, fees from every public performance license we issue are shared with our rights holders, supporting the next generation of content we love to watch.


MPLC licenses hundreds of thousands of locations in more than 40 countries around the world. Our license covers public performances from broadcast, cable, and satellite television; DVDs and Blu-ray; downloads and streaming services. From our renowned Umbrella License®, to title-by-title and digital licenses offered around the world, we offer the public performance licensing solutions you need to ensure copyright compliance.


Our passion is twofold: provide organizations with an affordable way to watch content in public and pay royalties to the artists and rights holders responsible for the content we love.


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