The Umbrella License®

One license, endless possibilities.

Under the Umbrella License you’ll find a wide variety of movies, TV programs, and other content. MPLC represents nearly 750 rightsholders, ranging from major Hollywood studios to children’s, faith-based, independent, television, special interest, and international producers. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive copyright compliance solution.

Once licensed content can be rented, purchased, or borrowed in a variety of formats. Stream or download programs from the service provider of your choice. Show a Blu-ray or DVD. Don’t forget about video on demand, pay and non-advertiser TV channels, they also require a license when shown publicly. Enjoy unlimited exhibitions and obtain content from the source of your choice without reporting screening dates, times, attendance, or titles to MPLC.

For our licensees, the Umbrella License represents a simple and affordable way to show movies, TV and other content publicly. Rightsholders represented under the Umbrella License vary according to the intended use and facility type. Please contact us to speak with a Licensing Representative to learn more.

Let us help you ensure simple, affordable, copyright compliance.


Umbrella license image