About the Umbrella License

There are so many ways to entertain and educate with visual media. From waiting areas to training classes to special events, the possibilities are endless. To reward a group of children; to create a welcoming environment in a common area or waiting room; to provide an amenity for guests or residents; and to grab someone’s attention in a training presentation, just to name a few. But chances are you need a public performance license, regardless of the setting, audience size or length of the audiovisual work. And, who has the time or the budget to track down the copyright owner of each title, and report the dates and times for each exhibition?

The MPLC has solved this problem with the Umbrella License which includes all the motion pictures and other audiovisual programs from over 1,000 studios and producers. It is the most comprehensive motion picture copyright compliance solution available. Once licensed, content can be rented, purchased, or borrowed in a variety of formats whether via DVD, Blu-ray, download, stream, pay or non-advertiser supported TV channels, or video on demand.

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